PE with GM Separator

PE with GM Separator

Application & Advantages
  • Automobile & Motorcycle Batteries
  • High-performance Batteries
  • Maintenance-Free Batteries
  • High Cold Cranking Amperes
  • Deep-Cycling BateriesIndustrial Batteries
  • Extending Positive Plate Life
  • Anti-Vibration Ability for Rough Road
  • Flexibility for envelop type and rigid for leaf type
  • Low electrical resistance
  • Thinner back web
  • Higher porosity
  • Smaller pore size
  • Good acid displacement

Physical and Chemical Properties

Item Unit Ranges
Backweb mm ±0.03
Overall(O/A) mm ±0.06
Elongation(cross machine direction) % MIN300
Puncture Kg MIN0.8
Porosity % 60±5
E.R Automotive Ω∙dm²/pc APE200 MAX0.00075
APE250 MAX0.00085
Motorcycle APE200 MAX0.00080
APE250 MAX0.00090
Moisture % MAX3
Wettability Sec MAX60
Oil content % 15±3
GM Physical and Chemical Properties
Item Unit Ranges
Density g/cm³ 0.16±0.03
Fiber Diameter µm 19±3
Anti-Acid % MAX0.6
Thickness(Thickness by Block gauge at 20kg/dm2) mm ±10%
Resin content % 16±3
Electrical Resistance Ω∙dm²/pc MAX0.0003